1. Broken

From the recording A Little Bit Country

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So I think I can make it now the sky has turned to blue
For the way that you showed me how, girl I’ve gotta thank you
For believing in me
For setting me free

Did you think that I’d let you down, I’d throw it all away?
I know it took awhile for me to come around and find the strength to stay
But you’re making me strong
And this is where I belong (‘cause)

Every time I see a picture of you I’m a little less broken
For all the little things you say and you do that go unspoken
How could I get by if I didn’t have you?
Honey what would I do?
What would I do?

Now when I sing I make a mighty sound
‘Cause there’s one thing for certain that I’ve found
Your love keeps lifting me up off the ground