From the recording A Little Bit Country

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There goes my heart again
Ain’t that like it’s always been
Just when I’m feelin’ strong
A woman like you comes along
To tempt me up off the shelf
So I just can’t help myself
Once every now and then
Someone like you breaks my heart again

I’ve been so down and blue
Ever since I met you
I can’t keep my heart at bay
It always gets swept away
In a minute I was flying high
But you were gone in the blink of an eye
Well I blame me, more or less
‘Cause I just can’t help myself I guess

Perhaps if I set you free
You’ll bring my heart back to me
Though it’s been battered and bruised
It still might be of some use
To a girl with a smile in her eye
And a heart that’s been lookin’ for mine
A soul that’s so clean and so true
Someone like you