From the recording A Little Bit Country

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An hour out of Sydney ‘round a quarter to four
On a fast train heading down south
I put a ciggie to my lips and as I’m starting to draw
Feel a cold, familiar taste in my mouth
When you told me you were leavin’ you were ready to go
I wish that I’d believed you when you wanted to know
Did I want to come along too?
Now I don’t want anybody but you

I met you on a Friday at the Fortune of War
Pulling beers for all the soldiers and though
Most of us were simply drinking to forget what we saw
There were some poor bastards waiting to go
Yeah and me, I was just looking for a friendlier place
So the minute that I took a little look at your face
Everything about it rang true
Now I don’t want anybody but you

When I think of all the things that we had
It breaks my heart and makes me sad
Do you think of all the things that we lost?
Do you ever stop to count the cost?
If only you’d say you’ll give me one more chance

I tracked you down to Melbourne through a couple of friends
And they told me you were doing just fine
And though I’m hoping and I’m praying, I ain’t gonna pretend
It’ll be the same as when you were mine
But we’re an hour out of Spencer so there’s no turning back
And as I listen to the rhythm of the wheels on the track
I hope that you’ve been missing me too
‘Cause I don’t want anybody but you
I don’t want anybody but you