From the recording Food for the Journey

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I’ve been thinking ‘bout making my way back home
I’ve been away too long and I miss my family
Maybe they’ll take me back into my father’s house
Maybe there’ll be a fattened calf waiting for me

I took an easy road and it led me away from there
There’s roads that’ll take you anywhere if you don’t know where you’re going
Could they ever take me back after I wasted all I owned?
Might they bring out the finest robe that was promised to me?

Would they put a ring on my finger, though there’s no reason that they should?
All I know is it sounds too good to be true
I’ve been thinking ‘bout making my way back home
I just hope that there’ll be someone who’s waiting for me

At least I won’t need to pack ‘cause there ain’t much that I’ve got left
Then there ain’t much I’ll need I guess to get me where I’m going
But something tells me I’ll be alright and I’ll never be alone
‘Cause all the family will be at home waiting for me