From the recording Food for the Journey

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I was only ten or eleven
When my father took my brother and me
Down to a fishing hole and with our lines and poles
We tried to catch us something for tea
Sitting on the bank trying to remember
Every single thing I was showed
Just a blink or a smile, about a quarter mile
Down that Buffalo River Road

Then I got my licence when I turned eighteen
Hell, I could drive for hours on end
I’d push the pedal down just as far as I could
‘Cause I was a little wilder back then
When nothing was as good as driving with your girl
Sharing secrets nobody knowed
Just parked in the scrub we were falling in love
Down that Buffalo River Road

Oh, the years go by too fast
Well I can hear that road, it’s calling me to come home at last

Now I’m a little bit older
And I’ve been living in the city instead
I swapped my fishing pole for rock ‘n’ roll
And a highway that never ends
But every now and then I get the feeling like I just wanna
Pack up this heavy load
And take a bottle of wine, some bait and a line
Down that Buffalo River Road