1. On A Clear Day

From the recording Food for the Journey

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On a clear day you can see right through the valley
Past the water tower and down into the town
Where you could be forgiven thinking life is only
Killing time before they put you in the ground

‘Cause there’s nothing that happens ‘round here that would make you
Even bother long enough to write it down
So I can’t say that I ever really blamed you
For wanting more from life than me and this old town

Out here west of the Silver City Highway
The open space can make a man feel small
So as I pull into this lonely gravel driveway
I wonder if you ever think of me at all

I could never make the move down to the city
And in you’re heart I think you knew that all along
‘Cause a city kind of life just wouldn’t fit me
And a man needs some place that he can belong

So on Friday nights you’ll find me in the front bar
Pissing my pay up against the wall
I’m a long way from the sights of Sydney harbour
So I wonder if you think of me at all
And sometimes when I look down on the valley
I wonder if you think of me at all