1. Making Wine

From the recording Food for the Journey

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More than twenty years ago I left my city home
I walked the factory floor for the last time
I headed north and I ended up working for the mill
It didn’t pay much more but that was fine

I had a wife and family. We were young and free
And life was good though work was hard to find
So when the sawmill folded and my wife walked out on me
I took this job out working in the vines

Pruning in the winter, we harvest in the heat
With only half an hour for dinner time
But there’s a satisfaction that I get from these rows of mine
‘Cause I ain’t just growing fruit, I know I’m making wine

From out in these fields I can watch as the cars pull up
The kind of wheels I never could afford
But I sleep real easy and I just can’t help but feel
That these people all could use a little more

Still I’m glad to see ‘em ‘cause if we’ve done our jobs just right
There’ll be something that can help ‘em to unwind
And if the good Lord’s willing and the sun shines on the vine
Then they’ll never taste a finer drop of wine

I read we’re all one body, some are ears and some are tongues
Some our feet, some are big and some are small
But each has their part to play and no one is greater
We’re just different that’s all

Well I guess I’m the hands that help the vines to grow
So when it comes ‘round to harvest time
I can say I played my part and hold my head up high
‘Cause I grow the fruit that goes to make the wine
The finest grapes that ever graced a vine