From the recording Kettle of Fish

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Won’t you kiss me my sweet for I must be gone
Down that dusty dirt road out of view
I’m off to the mines to earn a good wage
So I can send home some money to you

‘Cause the farm has been dry for 6 straight long years
What else can a man like me do
But go down to the mines with a shovel and pick
And dig up some diamonds for you?

Never the once since the day we were wed
Have I spent a night alone without you
And never the once in my 26 years
Have I ever felt this shade of blue

‘Cause the work here is hard, what’s harder still
Is the distance between me and you
I keep telling myself that with money and time
I’ll be ridin’ on back home to you

But it’s hard to be so far apart from the one who is first in your heart
And the nighttimes are harder than the days
I wish to God you weren’t so far away

Now it’s been 2 long years since I last saw your face
Sometimes it fades clear out of view
I work my days in the mines and spend my nights all alone
Lying here thinking of you

But last night I went out for a couple of drinks
After work with the boys from the crew
And I met a young girl with sparkling eyes
She kissed me and I was untrue
But all the time I was thinking of you