From the recording Kettle of Fish

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When I was only seven
My whole life changed for good
I saw Elvis on the TV
Singing ‘bout a heart of wood
And I can still remember
The time, place and day
When that swingin’ cat from Memphis blew me away

Then I discovered Dylan
And the Rolling Stones
Johnny Cash and Jerry Lee
Waylon and George Jones
Who cares if it’s country,
Rock ‘n’ roll or other stuff?
If it sounds good, that’s enough

I’ve got music in my soul
And I wanna hear somebody play that rock n’ roll
But any kind of country music would be just fine
‘Cause if it sounds good, it’s alright

Now I love my country music
That I can’t deny
But when you mix it up with rock ‘n’ roll
Man, it can really fly
I don’t care what you call it
It’s either good or not
And when it’s good, man it’s hot!

I’ve got music in my bones
I wanna drink some beer and hear some Rolling Stones
Or Johnny Cash or Emmylou; Elvis would be fine
‘Cause if it sounds good, it’s alright