1. Kettle of Fish

From the recording Kettle of Fish

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I think I’m gonna fix that fence
Gonna make it straight and true
I’m not much for mendin’ fences
But I’ll see what I can do

It’s been down for so long now
Guess nothin’ cared for, never stays
It’s gonna need a lot of work
But I’ll fix it one of these days

Well, any fool can open his mouth and make a wish
But when it comes to putting words into action
It’s a whole different kettle of fish

There’s a story ‘bout a wealthy man
Who went on a journey one day
He left money with three of his people
And said ‘Mind it while I’m away’
Well, two of them gave back with interest
And the boss was very pleased
The third sat on his ass and did nothin’
So he found himself out on his knees

I think I’m gonna write a song
I’ll get it down before I lose it
It ain’t nothin’ but a simple tune
Still maybe somebody can use it

‘Cause when I listen to my heart
It tells me all I need to know
Sure would be a waste of a lifetime
If I don’t have nothin’ to show