1. The Only One

From the recording Kettle of Fish


Well, I hear you bought a ticket on the early Greyhound bus
Headin’ north, followin’ the sun
The rumour going ‘round is that you’ve found somebody else
When all the time you said I was the one

Weren’t you the one who said you’d love me ‘til the end?
The one who swore she’d never let me go
I know you’re leavin’ ‘cause you’re telling all our friends
Seems like I’m the only one who didn’t know

They say he’s very charming and a handsome man
Who tells you all the things you want to hear
But a smile that’s so disarming never could be worth
Everything that we’ve got going here

And now will he be there for you the way I always am
When the work is done and we’re alone?
Are you sure you want to gamble everything we have
For a life with a rolling stone?

Well, it’s nearly 6am. The sun is comin’ up
And you’ve heard everything I’ve got to say
But now after all is said and done, if this is what you want
Walk out the door, I won’t stand in your way