From the recording Kettle of Fish

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I stayed awake all night
Thinkin’ of you
And watched the sun come up
On the Champs Elysees
I can’t remember
When I ever
Felt so alone

‘Cause Paris in the springtime
Is so romantic
Lovers hand in hand
Walk along the river Seine
I’m sittin’ in this café
Writing you this letter
And wishin’ you were here

‘Cause by the time I get to London
It’ll be sometime in September
By the time I get to Dublin
I’ll be bleaker than the weather
Though I love an Irish tune
It won’t be a day too soon
The time I get to you
Yeah, the time I get to you

I watched the sun go down
Over the Notre Dame
I want to be right here
And still be where you are
I wonder do you miss me
Like I miss you every single day